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Purpose & Operation of technmark?

This blog is to me (a marketer) an equivalent of a portfolio to a graphics designer. The purpose of technmark is to help people see how I think, what I believe (marketing philosophy), and what kind of a person I am.

I write this for (in profit or non-profit capacity) people who are now working or would work with me. Topics I mostly cover include Business/Marketing and Productivity.

I review at least monthly on the quality of articles written on here. I mercilessly eliminate any articles I feel is of sub-par quality.

Mastermind behind technmark

I’m Stefen Zhao, or you can call me Stef. I’m a final year Marketing student at HKUST who’s currently a Marketing Intern at Hilti Hong Kong until I join their Management Trainee program in 2014 June.

I love strategy and anything that involves long term planning and execution. Most of my interests and have revolved around this fact. My interests include learning about Marketing, reading about Business Models, listening to interviews of current or ex-professional Association Football/Basketball players/managers break down the tactics, strategies and philosophies of their successes, and picking up on how to do Long Term wealth accumulation (eg. You will never see me buy/sell short term stocks).

This is also why I chose Marketing as my major and career. You can check out my LinkedIn to know what I’ve been up to as a Marketer.

Besides interests revolving around strategy and long term planning and execution, I also really like writing (thus this blog), standup comedy and late night talk shows, and I’m constantly plotting how to utilize my expertise and wealth to support Non-Profits & Social Enterprises.

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by Stefen Zhao (I’m also known as Stef. Find me at reachme [at] technmark [dawt] net / twitter.com/technmark / google.com/+StefenZhao)