Welcome to The Indefinite End

I’ve thought about it a lot of times, and now have made my decision.

I don’t enjoying writing anymore. I’ve given it more than 2 weeks to give myself a break, but that fire just isn’t re-igniting.

I then asked myself the purpose of this blog. It was to me and equivalent of a portfolio to a graphics designer. An alternative resume. But then I realized after talking to many senior marketing folks, most marketers get hired over their accomplishments unless they are thought leaders.

Maintaining my LinkedIn would be so much more effective in achieving that objective.

Also, I never intended to be a thought leader. I’m more fascinated in learning rather than teaching because there are excellent thought leaders in this world. I can’t convince myself to write if I can’t come up with things these thought leaders haven’t already come up with.

When I was working for EventXtra (an IT Startup), I had tonnes of things to write since the world of startups is constantly evolving and it was easier to be at the frontier of creating knowledge.

Now I’m working for Hilti (one of world’s largest construction equipment company), I’m entering the realm of established thought leaders where anything I could think of has already thought of. Think of the likes of Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, and ridiculous amounts of Business Books written by ridiculously smart and experienced C-Suite people.

So what’s the point of repeating an idea / concept if I could re-direct you to it instead?

It’s been a fun ride while it lasted. I’ll keep this website running as I quite like my current email address “reachme [at] technmark [dawt] net” and intend to continue to use it.

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by Stefen Zhao (I’m also known as Stef. Find me at reachme [at] technmark [dawt] net / twitter.com/technmark / google.com/+StefenZhao)

Stefen Zhao

Minimalist, South African-born Canadian, B2B Marketer at Hilti Hong Kong, HKUST Marketing major Senior, spending my pastime reading/learning (marketing, business models, investing), blogging, watching (sports highlights, sports interviews, late night talk shows, stand up comedy shows), playing soccer and walking in a park singing/rapping. You can find me on Twitter or .