Why I’m going back to the Drawing Board (until Feb 1 2014)

Why I’m going back to the Drawing Board (until Feb 1 2014)

Hi :)

Firstly, I feel that the purpose of technmark is increasingly not clear / focused.

technmark’s tagline is “Helping Tech Startups Excel in Marketing” but I’m questioning my ability to carry out this purpose because of my upcoming career.

I’m joining Hilti’s management trainee program, and Hilti is not a startup. It’s one of the largest construction tools company, it’s size big enough to be on the Fortune 500 if it were a publicly listed company. Giving startup-relevant advice while not working for a startup is ludicrous.

How do I reconcile technmark’s purpose with my experience to provide useful articles? That’s the first reason why I need the hiatus to think things through.

Secondly, I need to re-think purpose of technmark’s digital presence

As of now, technmark’s active digital presence includes this website, Twitter and Google+. Depending on what technmark’s new purpose is, I may have to adjust how I operate technmark’s digital presence.


If I were to stick with having technmark be a helpful startup resources website, I should be aggressively getting a huge audience


If I were to make technmark my portfolio of essays to demonstrate my prowess as a marketer, then I should be focused on even more niche audiences and offline networking.

I hope I get all the answers by end of Jan 2014. By then, see you!

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